Monday, March 25, 2013

Punch Art Easter Bunnies With Egg

I know, it has been so long and I am sorry.  Life just got a little hectic for me and I know I have been saying that every time I get on here but I have truly missed coming on.  I have made these bunnies before and seeing I had to make so many, 30 (for a class of students) I didn't go all out like I have done before.  The funny thing is, it still took me two days (with a few interruptions along the way) to complete them.  I had seen on pinterest where someone had put a magnet on the back and I liked that idea so hopefully the kids will take the egg off carefully and keep the bunny.
Don't tell me any different, I want to at least think they will have them for a day!!!

 This is them all carefully put in a box ready to go to school, I meant to take a pic before I put them in the box!!!!
 Just showing the magnet on the back
And hopefully a clearer picture.
I do have a few other things to show you before Easter so I will get on here again tomorrow night.  Thank you for stopping by and have a lovely evening/day.....

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  1. Ahh they are gorgeous! Love to know how many make it home...LOL...xx