Sunday, March 31, 2013

Easter Tree

Happy Easter for the last time this year.  Everything is happening so fast and I luckily enough, missed April Fool's Day.  This year is definitely on speed dial.  Well I took my pics of my very first Easter tree and stay tuned as I thought it might be a nice gift to make for teacher presents (for next year).  I normally make melting moments and put them in a box (I have made) but I think I will mix it up next year.  I am going to try and make it over the holidays and do a late Easter post.  But for now here is my tree...
 I have taken lots of angle pictures as the branches were long and hard to get it all in.  I drew a picture of an egg and then cut out four pieces and folded them in half and taped them together with a little bling at the end.  I used twine to tie them to the branches. 
 The eggs are the only paper craft I used on the tree but I will be making a whole paper craft one up to show you.

My family were impressed with my first effort so I can only get better from here. 
Happy Easter again and thanks for stopping by...

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  1. Turned out great - a different idea for sure. Would be better if they were real chocolate eggs ... LOL .... xx