Sunday, May 6, 2012

A Gift For A Friend Having A Baby

I know I am not posting as much as normal but I have been really busy making little sets to start up some classes and one day I promise to show you (after the classes) but I just finished making a friend a little set before she goes on maternity leave.  She already knows she is having a little baby girl and had a baby shower full of pink and purple (two of Angie's favourite colours) and has been decorating the room in the same colours.  So my theme is pink and purple and I thought I would make her some thank you cards so she can give them out straight away.  One of my biggest "want to" is giving out "thank you" but I always run out of time.  Love the thought, just haven't done it yet!  So without further ado, here it is.....
 I have made a matchbox style box to hold eight 3" x 3" cards, using the five petal punch to create the flower
 Just showing you the box open as the lid tucks behind the trim
 Not sure on the cards, one minute I love them and the next I don't but I think I put a lot of thought and effort into them so I'm hoping she likes them!
 The whole set I will be giving to her
 I know there are some gorgeous origami flowers out there and I have yet to get myself into making them, I even bought a book to get myself started so hopefully soon.  But I do love the five petal flower punch and thought I better start to get a little more use out of it.  I put a chocolate in the box, can't give a gift without some chocolate, lol
 I know you are thinking the box is a bit plain and I have to agree with you which is why I used the flower out of the funky four set.  It really dressed it up and unfortunately I don't have a picture of that
I thought I would show you the flowers one more time, at a different angle.
thanks for stopping by and have a lovely day.  I am off to make one more teacher appreciation present for the teachers tomorrow so I will try and put that up later tonight.


  1. Turned out great - I'm sure she will love them! xx

  2. Now this is a wonderful gift set and I know it will be much appreciated! I'm lovin' those flowers ... so cute!

    I'm missing my craft room so bad....