Monday, December 19, 2011

Santa Block Of Chocolate

Oh my, this is the last week before Christmas, I have butterfly's in my stomach just thinking about it.  I love Christmas and the joy of giving, it has to be one of my favourite times of the year.
Today I have made a slider for a block of chocolate to give to friends.  I went back on a past post to get the dimensions for the chocolate and guess what, Cadbury have changed the packaging since then so I made two boxes that wouldn't fit the blocks.  So I had to remeasure, good piece of advice, check before you make.  The best part is just knowing how to do it so you can make it fit the product!!  I can't find the name of the person I cased, so just give me a sec...... I found it on Stampin' Connections which is a demonstrator site, good reason to join up, to see what so many talented people make.... Okay, her name is Karen Southwell and I loved these Santa's as soon as I saw them and just had to make a couple for a friend.  It was all last minute with only half an hour to get them made before running out the door.  Yes, she ate the chocolate that night.
This one is cherry cobbler..

And this one, that looks the same is poppy parade!!  Funny how the camera doesn't really catch the colour sometimes!  Don't worry new camera is still on my wish list!
Close up of Santa's belt.  Everything is punches except the hands, quite pleased with myself, his hands aren't too bad!  Need a crimper for his arms, how cool are they!!
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