Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Cute Card Holder and Any Vegans Out There!

Another day and I finally got into making some cards (yeh right!) some albums, books, hot chocolate holders and you won't believe it, but without making a mistake!! lol.  So what am I showing you tonight... the most gorgeous little card holder.  I cased from Two Paper Divas, absolutely love this though I did have a little blooper.  Trying to rush things and my sentiment is lopsided.
Before I show you I have to see if there are any Vegans out there.  One of my brothers (I have six beautiful brothers) has a vegan website where they have recipes, literature and also a shop to sell handmade vegan soaps, candles, clothes.  Even if you are not vegan you could be interested, here is his site
Now back to me and what I am showing you tonight..
Isn't this cute, better in person.  You will need 3" x 3" envelopes that Sonja and I scoured Brisbane Inner City for and could not find them anywhere.  I had to wait until I came home to do an order with Stampin' Up, can you believe that!

The book and the cards.  Not sure if I would use it and put some photos in there or as a very impressive card, ummmmmm.  I'll just show you the cards up close,

And that is my little project tonight without too much wrong!!  There is a tutorial on Two paper Divas site but the quick instructions are:
Card - pink pirouette - 3 1/2" x 8 1/2"  scored at  3 1/2" and 7", this is the cover so just put aside until you need it - I did use a punch on the short edge but you can leave it plain.
Inserts - pink pirouette - three pces at 2 3/4" square and then I used very vanilla at 2 1/2" square and stamped on them and decorated.  Use 1 1/8" circle punch (dsp) for tabs
You will need three envelopes, folding the flaps to the inside.  Place tape down the centre of all 3 envelopes down the back and one at the front.  Stick them together.
Decorate your front cover.
Dsp - 3 1/4" squared and attached to front of book
Card - 2 3/4" squared
Very vanilla - 2 5/8" squared which you will decorate on.  Attach to card (pink pirouette) and then use dimensionals on one end (as the flap from the book will be kept in place by the card).
Adhere the envelopes in place in the holder making sure you have left room if you tabs are sticking out.
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  1. This is gorgeous! Love the colors you used! Another great little gift! I always know where to come when I need an idea to make a gift for someone!

  2. This is so cool and pretty Theresa, plus me and my daughter are veggie so will pop over to your brothers website :-) Debi x

  3. The lopsided sentiment adds to the 'handmade' charm. Remember no mistakes in paper crafting. You have complete creative license. This is gorgeous and I love the pink!