Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Gift from a Friend

Hello everyone,
  How's the week going?  Mine is going too quickly, another couple of weeks and it is holidays and I can't wait!!  I have a friend who is just so hilarious and makes me laugh so much, you may even know her, Angie Jones.  Quite a few weeks ago now when my son nearly flooded our house, well actually just his room (but well and truly, took me a week to get rid of the water out of the carpet), Angie felt sorry for me (and so she should - you have no idea of the smell etc...) and she sent me this cute card and bookmarks from convention.  I feel very privileged and lucky.  So here is her card and gift:

Aren't I just the luckiest.  Thank you so much again Angie, love it love it love it.
have a lovely night....

1 comment:

  1. It was my pleasure...I should have added some air freshener for you....now you have the perfect markers for the new catty....