Monday, June 13, 2011

Crafter's Monday Get together

Evening all,
  Another great night on Crafter's Anonymous.  Love my Monday nights.  We made a lovely box that I will be making heaps of as it fits cards in so well.  I haven't made the cards yet, so I will try and get them done tomorrow to show you.  We also made an origami bow that I have showed on my blog before and I never wanted to forget how to do it, but guess what, I did.  I actually had to leave the office to do it in the lounge so I could just get my head around it.  No, that is not me (?????)  If you want the instructions for the box head on over to Crafter's Anonymous or join and come on Monday nights for fun, he he.

Giving you a better view of the bows, the green one is the first one.  I will be practising more now, they are just so cute.
Have a lovely evening....

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  1. Great bows.....hehehe, maybe you can make mine... they are still doing my head in.