Monday, May 16, 2011

Criss Cross Photo Album

Hello,   I wanted to do a posting tomorrow morning but it is going to be pretty hectic here so I thought I would put it on this evening.  So here is a gorgeous criss cross photo album/wallet.
The front of the book with a belly band.

Inside the book with room for photos or journalling.

The outside of the book where you can also have photos or journalling.

Could also put more in here.  I am going to be making another one and will fill it up more, to show you.
  I will give you some instructions but if you would like me to do a tutorial with lots of pictures, let me know, as I intend to make quite a few of these.  Even for a couple of photos and writing on the other inserts would be a lovely present to give someone.  Sorry I am on the monochrome look at the moment but I was using some of my new dsp, promise the next one will have more colour.
dsp 12" x 12"  score     3", 6", 9" and 11 1/2"......... turn to opposite side and score again 11 1/2"
                       score     3 1/2" and 8 1/2"
Fold in the two 1/2".  Make four triangles on the edges by bringing the point over to the score line, it will not be the full size of the square (like I say, want a tutorial, happy to oblige)
Fold in the two outside flaps,  flattening the fold lines well.
This is the tricky bit - fold in the two ends at the 3" and 6" score lines, inserting each end into the opposite fold.  Flatten out with your hands, if there are crease marks inside, don't worry too much as you won't see them when you put in the photos or journalling.
Now time to decorate.
Truly this is so easy when you have made one
Have a lovely night/day....

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