Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Boats Away

Hi everyone,
  I have something different tonight and I will be making more and better.  But this is my first attempt and couldn't help myself and need to show you.  I think you have guessed by now that it doesn't worry me that you see my little disasters and of course I wish there weren't any.  So here is my paper boat that could be used as a party favour.  Promise the next one will be filled with more interesting things!!

Even though you think our dsp is thin, when you are making these boats, they are NOT.  Had a little difficulty trying to get it to go the way I wanted.  So mark this as my first attempt.  I will even do a tutorial for it on my next go.  I just think they are such a great "boy thing".
dsp - soft subtles
And that is the only thing used, how amazing, no glue, tape etc, love it....
Have a great night/day.....

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