Thursday, October 4, 2012

Birthday Gift From Angie

You won't believe it but I have been looking at lots of inspirational quotes (and feel so much better for it), even though I wrote a whole paragraph on how quickly time is flying by.  At the end it sounded so negative that I had to delete it.  Funny how the world works!!!!
I have been wanting to show you my present from Angie for ages (since August, lol).  I love it and the chocolates were gone in a matter of seconds, hehehe.
 A gorgeous card and triangular box that did have the chocies in it...
 A close up of the card
And the box.
thanks for stopping by, see you tomorrow.............


  1. That little triangle box is so cute Theresa.
    Another school holidays gone and we didn't catch up!

    1. Sorry Carolyn, scary how that came and went. We will just have to organise another catch up over a weekend x